Flow Wrappers

Flow wrappers are the core of the flow wrapping process. Packaging by horizontal flow wrap machines is a very high-speed operation in which a high volume of small products proceed down a production line on a conveyor. The horizontal flow wrapper wraps them individually in transparent or highly-decorated plastic or metalized film before they are placed in multi-product form fill packages for sale. Ruipuhua offers a wide range of horizontal flow wrap machines, and our packaging equipment is constantly innovating and increasing flow-wrapping speeds. Horizontal flow wrappers are widely used in a variety of industries including food, personal care, household products, and more.

Automatic Packaging Machine

The automatic food packaging machine is flow packaging system for food industry, such as bakery, candy, rice bar, caramel treats, chocolate bar, mammon, moon cake, wafer, egg roller, biscuit, cracker biscuit and cookie.


Semi-automatic Packaging Machine

This automatic packaging solution is designed for all types of soap bar, like laundry soap bar, toilet soap bar, pure bar soap and other soap product. The soap bar packaging system can automatically connect with the soap making machine, and the speed can up to 100-350 bags per minute.


Packaging Line

Packing machine is flow packaging machine also named horizontal packing equipment.

Flow pack, or Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) is the process of making a horizontal bag from a single roll of film. Heat is applied to the bottom and ends of the film to form a sealed, flexible package already filled with products. Flow wrap packaging is used for a variety of products from food and bake goods to regular household items and stationery.