Carton Machine & Robotic Palletizer

Many companies today want to implement complete end of line automation systems. The lines might include labellers, sealers, flow wrappers, metal detectors, case erectors and sealers. If we do not build the machine, we will have a partner with whom we can supply and project manage the complete solution. We have successfully completed a number of these projects including the 4 line project above which incorporated automated packing, crate destacking, bale arm closing, vertical accumulation and palletising. The benefits of optimising your pack line:Increased line speed, Complete line optimisation, Future proof, Quick ROI (Minimal project risk)



  • Carton Opening Machine

    1. Applicable carton size 280≦L≦500 160≦W≦400 510≦L+W≦1000 300≦H+W∕2≦620mm
    2. table height 650mm
    3. unpacking speed 8-10 boxes/min
    4. Mechanical Dimensions L2050×W1950×H1450mm
    5. power supply 220V/380V, 50Hz
    6. Gas source 0.6Mpa, 10L/min
  • Roller Line

    Stainless steel roller, outer diameter 50, wall thickness 1.5, roller center spacing 114. The frame side plate is made of t=3 thick stainless steel. Other parts refer to our standard configuration.



  • Robotic Carton Loading Unit

    1. Packing speed 8 cases/min (example: packing machine 48 packs/min, 6 packs in one case)
    2. Carton size  L430 × W280 × H210mm
    3. Host power  3.6KW
    4. Power type  220V, 50Hz
    5. Machine noise ≤78dB
    6. Air source  0.6Mpa, 40L/min
    7. The weight of the parallel robot 72 Kg
    8. Packing method  Suction cup grabbing
    9. Parallel robot load  3Kg up to 5Kg


  • Carton Sealing Machine

    1. Capacity:10-15 boxes/min

    2. Carton size: L200-600 W120-500 H120-500 (mm)

    3. Machine size: L1700 × W930 × 600 mm (can be designed according to customer requirements)

    4. Equipment power: 0.4KW

    5. Compressed air:0.4-0.6Mpa, 2L/min

    6. Equipment weight :500Kg


  • Labeling Machine

    • Accuracy: ±1mm
    • Packing Speed: 80-150 pcs/min ( Depends on the product size and label size)
    • Label Size(L*W): Label length:20mm~300mm
    • Label width:  20mm~110mm
    • Dimension(L*W*H): 600mm×350mm×600mm


  • Robotic Palletizer

    • Equipment production capacity:The maximum production capacity is 10 boxes/min (one box, one grab and one release)
    • Freedom of movement: 6 axis
    •  Monitor rate: 3.3KW
    • Gas source: 0.6MPA.20L/MIN
    • Maximum load capacity: 20KG
    • Working radius: 1200MM
    • Maximum stacking height: The maximum height is 2100mm (including the pallet), and it can reach 1650mm when the maximum pallet size (1200×1200mm) is used. Box dimensions and variations in placement and fixtures may affect the actual stacking height.




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