Automatic Cookie Packaging System Performance

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Automatic packaging machines are designed to pack various products such as juices, snacks and candies in plastic cups and close them with aluminum lids. This unit offers excellent value for money while delivering exceptional quality and efficiency. It is made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and food grade plastic. It is equipped with the latest security features to ensure the highest level of product safety. Therefore, automatic packaging equipment represents a huge investment for small and medium enterprises.

Ruipuhua packaging machines will increase your productivity. With CE certification function, it can be filled and sealed to save labor costs. It also has the option of packing the product without bags. The automatic packaging machine automatically adjusts the weight and flow of the material, and it is easy to change the type of packaging material. It’s quiet, can increase your output fivefold, and delivers high-quality packaging at a very low cost. Ruipuhua automatic packaging equipment is packed flat and neatly without tape to seal the cartons. The operation is very simple. Simply scan the code and insert the product into the bag. Our machines have a CE certified design and can process up to 550 orders per hour. Its high efficiency and low noise make it ideal for small businesses.

In another way, it is an essential investment for any business. This will ensure that your product is handled correctly, reducing waste and increasing productivity. This machine will also provide the best packaging for your products. This will ensure the safety of your products and your business. When you invest in this machine, you can rest assured that it will not only meet your quality standards, but increase your productivity up to five times. It will save you time and money.

Reduce labor costs

Labor costs are one of the most important variables affecting a company’s profits. This often results in a balancing act to ensure that labor costs do not negatively impact profits. However, by adding packaging equipment solutions, companies can reduce and reallocate the labor needed to achieve results.

Improve material consumption

Automated solutions create a consistent packaging process, increasing productivity and reducing waste. This regulates the use of materials, regulates consumption and improves inventory management. By using an automated process, you can ensure that each batch uses the same amount of material. Automated equipment also helps reduce the risk of operator error. This avoids having to apply more material than necessary and the time needed to correct errors.

Improve health and safety

Eliminate risks in the packaging process. Automated packaging equipment requires fewer workers to complete tasks than manual processes. Cuts, pulls and strains are reduced because employees have less physical work to do. By replacing slower, more intensive manual processes, you can improve employee safety and reduce costs related to workplace injuries.


Automatic Cookie Packaging System Performance

Without a doubt, the food industry is one of the fastest growing industries of all time. This requires many responsibilities – from the speed of food production to the constant maintenance of high food quality. This industry is highly competitive, which means your business must always be 3 steps ahead to stay ahead in the food market. The good news is that this can be achieved with automated food packaging systems capable of handling large volumes of product at high speed to meet supply chain demands. In fact, research from the Packaging and Processing Technology Association shows that almost a third of food processors already use robotics in their facilities. According to another survey conducted by the organization, 94% of food packaging operations have been carried out using robots in recent years.

What Is Automated Food Packaging?

The food packaging process can be divided into two main stages – primary packaging and secondary packaging. At the primary packaging stage, raw foods should be wrapped or sealed. In the second stage, the products are packed in smaller boxes or packages, which are then placed in larger boxes and palletized for distribution. Using vision-guided robotic arms, automated guided machines, delta robots, and other advanced inspection systems, food production companies can increase the efficiency of their operations. But what other benefits does automated food packaging offer? What are the benefits of automated food packaging?

  1. Higher yields in less time

When there is a need to speed up the production process or produce more products, an automated packaging system is a better solution than hiring additional workers. Automated systems and robots offer significant advantages over traditional food processing methods. For example, food packaging robots are able to repeat a specific task over and over again with little change in precision. Unlike human workers, these machines never tire, allowing for a continuous pace of work. This balance of accuracy and speed has been proven to improve the performance of food production companies while maintaining industry standards for packaged items.

  1. Improve food security

Despite rising food safety standards, illnesses caused by contaminated food are still very common, even in developed countries. Food production companies can improve this critical situation by introducing automated packaging machines in their factories. You might be wondering – but how does this help? Well, food packers, especially those who work with raw products, can easily spread different types of bacteria from one product to another, or from one factory area to another, etc. Therefore, by reducing human contact when packaging food, food-related businesses can significantly reduce the risk of food contamination. Automated food packaging machines are installed in one location, reducing the risk of carrying bacteria from elsewhere. Of course, there is still a small risk of cross contamination if these machines are not cleaned properly, however, the risk is greatly reduced by following all necessary hygiene requirements.

  1. More precise operation

Humans make mistakes, it’s inevitable. However, in many cases this can be prohibitively expensive for the business. This is why quality assurance is essential for organizations involved in the production and packaging of food. Reducing all possible errors and defects is the most effective way to increase revenue and efficiency. The best solution to achieve this is an automated packaging system. More accurate weight calculations significantly reduce product waste, and proper labeling is among the most common human errors that these automated food packaging machines can easily prevent.

Ruipuhua food packaging systems can pack all kinds of granular materials, just choose different metering and filling devices according to different materials, so that large, medium and small-scale enterprises can realize packaging automation. The whole automatic packaging machine of the auto packing system and its parts are processed by stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements, which meets the sanitary standards of food processing machinery to ensure the safety and sanitation of food packaging; in addition, it adopts advanced electrical control systems and man-machine interface, so it is easy to operate.

Types of Packaging System

Automated food packaging systems have a wide range of packaging, and can pack solid materials such as melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, rock sugar, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods; various particles such as seeds, capsules, granular medicines, feed, fertilizer particles, which are widely used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products industries.

Food packaging requirements

Food packaging lines are an integral part of food products. As one of the main components in the food industry, smart food packaging systems can protect food from biological, chemical and physical damage caused by external factors when it leaves the factory for consumers. The designed packaging solutions also maintain the stability of the food itself. In addition, the best food packaging systems facilitate food consumption, show the appearance of the food first, attract the image of the consumer, and its value goes beyond the cost of materials. Therefore, the food packaging system process is also an integral part of food manufacturing system engineering and has certain requirements for food packaging.

  1. Automated food packaging should meet process requirements, have good adaptability to packaging materials and containers, and ensure production quality and efficiency.
  2. The food packaging line must meet the hygienic requirements and have a reliable control device for the conditions required by the packaging;
  3. For single product, select special packaging line equipment, at the same time, select multifunctional packaging line equipment for products of same specification and variety;
  4. The intelligent food packaging system requires advanced technology, stable and reliable work, and low energy consumption, which can improve workers’ working conditions and reduce labor intensity.

What Makes Packaging Efficient and Effective ?

Sometimes the problem with the packaging process is the food packaging line. This may be due to budget changes. However, investing in packaging equipment systems means reducing costs in other areas, such as labor and product damage. You’re more likely to see this improvement over time, but new technologies in smart packaging systems provide a faster return on investment. If you are unsure of the specifics of your industry, many companies choose to hire a packaging professional to audit their food packaging line and recommend changes to meet their needs, which can better ensure the efficiency of food packaging.

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product from damage, contamination, and deterioration during storage, transportation, and handling. Effective packaging should be designed to withstand various environmental conditions, impacts, and potential hazards. Packaging should be easy to handle, open, and close. It should also provide the necessary information for consumers to use the product correctly and safely. User-friendly packaging enhances the overall customer experience. That’s to say, Efficient packaging minimizes material usage and production costs while maintaining the required level of protection and visual appeal. Reducing unnecessary material usage not only saves costs but also has positive environmental implications.



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