Automatic Robot Packaging Machine

Automatic Robot Packaging Machine
Automatic Robot Packaging Machine
Automatic Robot Packaging Machine
Automatic Robot Packaging Machine

1. Introduction of Robot Packaging Machine

Robot packaging machines can use in all industries and mainly fill the blank of the traditional auto feeding and packing system.

Manipulator is a kind of to imitate some action function of the hand and arm, to grab, and move objects according to a fixed procedure or operation tool automatic operation of the device. Characteristics can be done through the programming of the expected operating, structure, and performance of both machine and manipulator on its own merits.

2. Advantage of the Automatic Tray Erector and Packing System for All Industries with Box

(1) It has the advantages of high precision, stability, reliability, and fast. Its superior robot control system, intelligent visual software, and a step-type conveyor belt synchronous integrated control can provide solutions according to the different needs of customers.

(2) The control system of the robotic packaging machinery simplified the operation; the robot control process is more concise and comprehensive, providing great convenience for users and integrators.

(3) This control system can automatically optimize the path according to the actual change of production to reduce the takt time and greatly enhance the working efficiency of the robot.

(4) The robot packaging machine can connect with the production line, feeding unit, packing unit, and carton packaging unit also.

(5) Robotic packaging equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, avoid due to human factors caused by the impact on production.

(6) The enterprise can save employees on training time and money, by changing the production process, which can be quickly put into production, convenient and quick.

(7) Responsible for the entire production process by industrial robot, feeding, clamping, and cutting, greatly improving the quality.

3. Application Scope of Tray Feeding and Packing System

The robot packaging machine is mainly to fill the blank of the auto-feeding system, it’s widely used in multiple product loading in the tray, secondary packing, and special product sorting and feeding in all industries.


Automatic Robot System for Carton

Automatic Robot System for Carton

Automatic Robot Packaging System for Bakery

Automatic Robot Packaging System for Bakery

Automatic Robot Packaging Line for BiscuitAutomatic Robot Packaging Line for Biscuit


Main Function of the Robot Packaging Machine

(1) Position precision: The robot packaging machine equipped with visual positioning and conveyor belt tracking management system, can accurately position, and gab the products according to their shape and status. And repeated positioning accuracy of 1 mm.

(2) Stable and reliable: by using strong motion control technology, our robotic packaging machinery moves more smoothly and stably at high speed.

(3) Exquisite appearances: Insist on creating the art of product design concept, whether from the material or to the process, have passed the stringent checks.


Load capacity


Move space

Diameter: 1130mm, Height 425mm

Number of axles

3 or 4


Time 0.32s (3 axles, 0.1kg load)

Time 0.35s (4 axles, 0.1kg load)

Installation method


Repeated positioning accuracy

1 mm ( when the belt speed 200 mm/s )

Supply voltage

24 V, 6A


0.3 KW (Load 1 kg)

Body weight



Automatic Robot and Packaging System


Q: What is the main part of Robot system?

A: The manipulator is mainly composed of actuators, drive mechanism and control system of three most.

Q: How many types of robot system in the market?

A: Rectangular coordinate manipulator, Cylindrical coordinate manipulator, Spherical coordinates manipulator and Joint manipulator.






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