Metal Detection Machine with Rejecter for All Industry

Metal Detection Machine with Rejecter for All Industry
Metal Detection Machine with Rejecter for All Industry

1. Introduction of Metal Detection Machine with Feeder and Rejector

The metal detection machine is specially engineered for all industry that requires high sensitivity, high stability, and complex operating conditions. Ruipuhua metal detection machine for food industry has adopted the latest multiple-frequency detecting technology, the latest ARM+DSP structure as the base of hardware, and applied the algorithm that has already been applied to be patented. It is created based on the well-practiced sensor signal processing system to achieve the best effect of use.

2. Characteristics and Structural Features of Metal Detection Machine

(1) Metal detection machine has a highly sensitive sensor.

(2) Dual signal display function, according to the size of the metal shows different induction intensities.

(3) Digital circuit signal processing, stable and reliable.

(4) The product effect adjustment function, iron metal and non ferrous metal ten-level independent regulation.

(5) Anti-leak function, a plurality of metal signals through the automatic detection signal when the number of actuators in the action will not have left.

(6)The metal detector machine can be matched with the production line to achieve automatic detection equipment.

(7) The metal checker sound and light alarm and the shutdown function are convenient and reliable.

3. 3. Application of Metal Detection Machine

The metal detection machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, mechanical industrial and agricultural products, etc.


Technical Parameters of Electronic Balance

Technical Parameters (Common Standard Models)

Detection Window Height


Detection Window Width

100-500 mm

Body Material

All stainless steel production


Iron 0.8mm- Phi Phi 2.5mm

Type 304 stainless steel copper and aluminum and other non ferromagnetic metal not less than 1.2mm

Power Supply

220V  50HZ



Alarm Mode

Sound and light alarm and automatic stop

Buzzer, LED sound and light alarm, and automatic shutdown

Outline Dimension



Texture of Material

Rack using 304 mirror stainless steel production process is excellent waterproof







Power Supply

AC220V 50-60HZ

Load Capacity



Q: Where we can put the metal checker?

A: Normally put before the packing machine or after the packaging equipment.

Q: How to know we need to put the metal detector before or after the wrapping machine?

A: Before the packaging machine, the metal checker need higher accuracy and cost more. Generally, we suggest putting after packing machine. But it will waste some packing materials if get the defective product.

Q: What kind of circumstance, the metal detector should be in front of wrapping equipment?

A: The packing material is aluminum film, the metal checker can not put after the packing equipment. Because it can not detect.

Q: Why the metal checker can not detect the aluminum film?

A: Because the aluminum film has metal factors, which will affect the detector equipment.






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